NFL moves Ravens-Steelers to Tuesday night

The NFL decided to wait no longer to make a final decision.

ESPN reports that the league has moved Sunday’s Ravens-Steelers game to Tuesday night.

The decision was made despite pending Friday PCR test results, which may show no new positives for Friday, an indication that the outbreak may have subsided. At least one positive test came from Friday-morning point-of-care tests.

The delay raises questions now regarding the timing of the Week 13 games between the Cowboys and Ravens and the Steelers and Washington. There’s been some speculation that Cowboys-Ravens could move from Thursday to Monday. If that’s the case, Pittsburgh’s game against Washington should move to Monday, too.

The fact that the decision was made today proves that, as of last night, no decisions had been made — despite reports suggesting that decisions had been made. The league made the decision today, independent and regardless of anything communicated by and between Ravens coaches and players.