Locus Solus
oboe (6') 2003-2005
First performance: 30 September 2005, London
Christopher Redgate

Nombres Imaginaires
flute (4'30) 2004/revised 2008
First performance: 17 March 2005, Paris
Katherine Anderson

clarinet (7') 2005
First performance: 22 August 2005, Niagara-on-the-Lake chamber music festival, Canada
Peter Stoll

tenor saxophone (7') 2006/2010
First performance: 21 January 2011, Annecy
Joshua Hyde

À Moitié Gommé
cello (8'-9') 2010
First performance: 1 April 2012, Paris
Askar Ishangaliyev

Au Travers du Cerceau
piano (3') 2011
First performance: 13 August 2012, Frontenay (Franche-Comté)
Laurent Durupt

Midnight Audition
viola (5') 2013
First performance: 5 April 2014, CRR de Paris
Laurent Camatte


lupophone, two pianos (10') 2004/revised 2011
First performance: 15 March 2011, Amsterdam
Martin Bliggenstorfer, lupophone
alternate versions: PSP (tenor saxophone, two pianos); PHP (heckelphone, two pianos)

musette, viola, piano (7') 2005-06/revised 2012
First performance: 28 May 2014, Krompholz, Berne, Switzerland
Ensemble Proton Bern

two vibraphones (I.+ triangle, crotales; II. +glockenspiel) (9') 2006/revised 2009
First performance: 9 September 2006, Royaumont Abbey
Les Percussions de Strasbourg

Cinq Pièces pour Flûte et Percussion
flute (+alto flute, bass flute), percussion (14') 2010
First performance: 6 January 2011, Tokyo
Ayako Okubo & Olivier Maurel

Flex I-III
violin, piano (3'30) 2006-2010
First complete performance: 21 January 2011, Annecy Conservatory


Music With No Edges
clarinet (+a-flat piccolo clarinet), percussion, viola, cello, double bass (12') 2004/revised 2012

Nets Move Slowly, Yet
b. fl (+picc), ob, cl, horn, perc, 2 vlns, vla, vlc, db (9') 2006/revised 2009
First performance: 26 March 2007, Conservatoire de Paris
Orchestre du Conservatoire de Paris
Jean-Philippe Wurtz, conductor

Night Division
a. fl, Eh, cl (+b. cl), trb, perc, pno, db (11') 2008-10
First performance (first version): 24 October 2008, Conservatoire de Paris
David Dewaste, conductor
First performance (final version): 22 May 2010, Le Balcon, Paris
Maxime Pascal, conductor

La Pendule de Profil
basset horn, bassoon, viola, cello, double bass (11') 2007-2010
First performance (first version): 18 October 2007, Conservatoire de Paris
Kanako Abe, conductor
First performance (final version): 14 March 2011, Conservatoire de Paris
Jean Deroyer, conductor

Événements Quotidiens
fl, ob, cl, bsn, horn, tpt, tbn, 1 perc, 2 vln, vla, vc, db (7') 2011
First performance: 13 July 2011, Metz (France)
Orchestre National de Lorraine
Jean Deroyer, conductor

Along Unseen Rails
fl (+ b. fl, picc), ob. d'amore, cl (+Eb cl), basset horn (+b. cl), bsn (+cbsn), horn, tpt (+flugelhorn), tbn, 2 perc, harp, piano/celesta, 3 vln, 2 vla, 2 vlc, db (21') 2011
First performance: 21 October 2011, Journées de la composition, Paris
Didier Pateau, oboe d'amore solo
Pierre-André Valade, conductor

picc, musette, Ab clar, casio SK-1 synth, perc, vlc (10') 2012
First performance: 10 March 2012, Berne
Ensemble Proton Bern

A propos du concert de la semaine dernière
flute (+piccolo), Eb clarinet, percussion, piano solo, violin, cello (9') 2013
First performance: 25 April 2013, Madrid
Plural Ensemble
Alberto Rosado Carabias, piano
Fabián Panisello, conductor


Angular Light
on texts by the composer
baritone, cello, piano (6') 2003/revised 2013

Iridescent Notation
on texts by Tom Raworth
soprano, Eb cl (+b. cl), perc, pno (+synth), 2 vln, 1 vla, 1 vlc (10') 2012-13
Premiere broadcast: 19 March 2013, Radio France
Ensemble Multilaterale
Hélene Fauchère, soprano
Kanako Abe, conductor


Rrêves de Triscal
(2'29) 2006-07/remixed October 2011, IRCAM, Paris

Situation Temporaire
(5') 2008/remixed August 2012

(2'05) 2011

Spøttrup Music Time
(20'17) 2013

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