Nets Move Slowly, Yet
for ten musicians (2006-07)

Nets Move Slowly, Yet is representative of a kind of musical time which is not strictly linear, one event duly following another in succession, but rather cubist. Musical objects with independent identities pursue equally independent developmental trajectories, some maintaining a constant (if ghostly) presence, others erupting suddenly and violently to rend the quiet fabric of the piece, still others discretely appearing and disappearing at key moments, their continued presence being however implied and felt even when they are not directly being heard. Nets Move Slowly, Yet functions as a sort of constellation of such objects, each one having its co-ordinates in the Net that gives the piece its title.

A feeling of melancholy pervades this music, which most of the time remains quiet, alternating between very rapid, furtive figures which quickly scuttle off back into the ether, and wispy, threadbare textures of a more continuous nature.