Compositeurs de la Casa de Velázquez
Casa de Velázquez CD5, released October 2013
CD includes Vérifications, Cinq pièces,
Au travers du cerceau
and À propos du concert de la semaine dernière
also two works by composer Kenji Sakai


The Tubular West
Torpor Vigil Records CD006, released January 2013


Journées de la Composition 2009
CNSMDP CREC-audio 10/073, released 2011
4-CD set, includes Stars in the Dice (2009)

Songs of Elsewhere
Torpor Vigil Industries CD002, released 2002


The following are all poetry collections. Where titles are still available, links are given to the publisher. Apollinaire's Bookshoppe has copies of some of the older books in stock as well as a number of broadsides and leaflets.

Toronto: Quattro Books, 2009
"What to say about this young poet that will make his work sound more interesting than it already is? Any lame explanations I might provide would leave Andreyev's mystifying sense of balance in ruin. If you have ever wondered how many words a poet might place on the head of a pin before the angles start singing, this is a book for you."
―Jay MillAr

Toronto: Bookthug, 2006

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